10355 Project Peacock

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2015-2016 was the first season of Team 10355. We were originally created as the FTC Team of Boy Scout Troop 26, and we went by the name of Eagle Factory Robotics during that season. Here is an overview of the game from that year, FIRST Res-Q:

<lucien b.


The robot we built during this season was named after Lucien B. Maxwell, the original owner of Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. He was a rugged mountaineer type who sported a magnificent mustache.

During the season, we didn’t have a field to practice on, so our robot ended up being pretty janky. Despite this, we were somehow able to qualify for State and we went on to do a fairly decent job there.

The header image of post26.org is a closeup of Lucien B Maxwell.


During our first season, we didn’t participate in much outreach. We primarily displayed our robot at a few Boy Scout events in order to show off what we were doing.