10355 Project Peacock

<project: Peacock>



2018-2019 was the fourth year of 10355, and the 3rd year that we were called project Peacock. Here is an overview of the game from that year, Rover Ruckus:

The robot we built that year was incredibly unique to say the least (you can see more about it more in the notebook from that season). We decided to name it mousetrap because the incredibly high torque worm gears made a lot of squeaking sounds we were also very competitive with our sister team, “11572 mouse spit” but that is entirely unrelated. We did ok at state, making it to the semifinals as the first pick alliance partner to bearbotics. mouse spit did end up going to worlds because they were the first pick on the winning alliance. Between state and worlds, we had the Tulsa RR2 invitational, where we made it to finals with “11354 the Midnight Ostrich Runners”, before getting beaten by “Root Negative One” and “Tech Hogs” by quite a bit. In conclusion, this was a very fun season and we learned a lot from it.